concretist brunch

Concrete art started in Brazil in the 1950s at the 1st São Paulo International Biennial. It was an avant-garde movement that reached music, literature and the fine arts, emphasizing form over content in visually striking pieces.

One of its main features was an aspiration towards a universal form of communication by fusing art into industrial standards and its social function, while the artists themselves would be expected to contribute substantially to society.

In the visual arts, concretism favoured the use of industrialized materials such as iron and aluminium. Geometric and mathematical rigour was used to structure rhythms and relationships. The organic gesture was eliminated, giving way to compass-and-ruler, precise designs.

With this movement in mind, Simone Mattar created an edible concrete art installation, using Brazilian flavours. From a concrete cube, there emerge “concretettes”, which are omelettes with prints of the movement engraved on them.