Fome Come

30ª Bienal de São Paulo

eat Hunger exhibition

The Eat Hunger project makes a cocktail into a unique experience.

Simone Mattar proposed a socio-economic reflection by playfully portraying the contrast between countries in the Northern hemisphere, generally regarded as richer and well-fed, and those of the Southern hemisphere which are poorer and marked by hunger.

The installation had hundreds of small boxes hanging from the ceiling at eye level. Each box had an appetizer from a different country, all made from carefully chosen recipes. The boxes had the word EAT printed on their sides. The arrangement of colours produced the word HUNGER, which was reflected up by a mirror laid out horizontally on the floor.

The guests interacted with the piece. By plucking off each box in order to eat its contents, the installation was progressively destroyed.

Thus, while the guests relieved their hunger, the word HUNGER reflected on the mirror gradually disappeared.