Clouded Lands

26th April to 9th May

Exhibition and collective

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Food of War is a multidisciplinary Art Collective dedicated to using art to explore the relationship between food and war.

It is a non-profit venture aiming to create art objects and events in order to raise awareness about armed conflicts around the world, to promote world-class artists developing work about this subject, and to introduce food as an expressive art medium in its own right.

The Collective has been running for over two years as an unincorporated association based in London, coordinating events in various countries, such as Spain, Ukraine and Colombia.

The Chernobyl Project

The Chernobyl disaster happened during the cold war and made the whole of Europe anxious about what was safe to eat or drink.

Food of War considers that the incident had consequences of great significance to daily meals in the several European countries which the radioactive cloud crossed, or threatened to. We are not interested in the direct causes of the accident but in exploring how it affected the continent and beyond in terms of food consumption.

For the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, Food of War has created a touring exhibition project that follows the trail of the radioactive cloud over some of the former Soviet republics and Europe. Together with Simone Mattar, the exhibition involves artists from Ukraine, Belarus and other EU countries. The tour started in March 2016 at the Just Mad art fair in Madrid, and went to Kiev, Berlin and Burgos before opening in London in April 2017.

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