The tree symbolizes life, for it is from this that the fruits are born
which feed the human being and make him grow and evolve.
The project proposes an interactive gastroperformance, in which the public can
interact with the panel picking foods of different flavors.
The whole project was thought out and planned to be executed in the most
from the choice of materials to the way
of all processes.

The menu was elaborated in order to represent the Brazilian biodiversity, for
through the use of unconventional native ingredients.
The imbiriba, one of the ingredients used, dubbed monkey pepper,
is a Brazilian spice that resembles nutmeg.
Five types of fruit representing 4 Brazilian biomes were chosen: (i)
from the “cerrado”, came the chestnut of baru and mangaba; (ii) from the amazon, guarana,
cupuaçu and açaí; (iii) from the caatinga, seriguela and cashew nuts; and (iv) from the rainforest,
the Cambuci.
Each ingredient was chosen considering its form of production and
origin, in order to consider in a utopian way the possibility of a
sustainable planet.
The cocoa used, the basis of most of the recipes, is wild and harvested
sustainable management in the Amazon forest.
The chosen cachaça was aged in barrels of umburana, a wood
typical Brazilian.
For the dyeing of the chocolate, 100% natural dyes were used,
Beetroot Powder, Turmeric Extract, Urucum Extract, Acai Powder
and chlorella powder.
Valuing artisanal work, recipes have been developed that
allusion to Pernambuco roll cake, with thin layers of coffee cake or lemon are interspersed with different fillings.


Cake a thousand layers semi-spherical in 2 flavors:

– Tahitian lemon sauce stuffed with açaí with guarana

-Mass of Brazilian organic coffee stuffed with cupuaçu

Wild chocolate segments 70% Acará-Pará in 3 flavors:

-Cambuci in textures

-Cooking of mangaba with cachaça
handmade and crunchy baru chestnut

-Machine and imbiriba jam with crunchy
of cashew nuts


simone mattar

ciro schu and simone mattar

executive production
ferriani marina

gastronomic production
naroa nadales

gabriela alves plata

kitchen staff
lucas madris
luis felipe lequipe

vinicius zamboni

production assistance
diego santovito

art assistance
martina mattar

design assistance
alvaro felippe jr